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H100i V2 problems with mounting bracket

Level 7
I have a corsair h100i V2 and a crosshair v formula-z 8350 cpu, I put everything together but I put the back plate on backwards, its probably shorting the board out so
I'm getting an FF error code.

I have a good reason why I mounted it on backwards, when I try and mount it the right way, its loose, like it literally wobbles, I know I'm missing something, the
corsair instructions say you need to take off the black plastic hardware and just use the original mounting bracket but with out the black plastic brackets, the
backplate literally wobbles.

Any help would be appreciated.

Level 7
I have the same cooler on my motherboard and on mine the back plate seems loose until I tighten the CPU block down onto the CPU I don't know why its so loose before you mount the block but once you mount the CPU block it should be tight that's how it worked for me.

Level 12
Are you using the right sized screws to connect the back plate (factory back plate) ? I have removed my h100i a few times and never had this issues you two are having. Maybe you can find some help here
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