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GTX 780 e GTX 770

Level 7
Hello to all, guys. I had, earlier, a problem with an ASUS GTX 780 DCII. The system, with this card, it would not start at all. The DB CODE, bore the inscription and b2, the screen remained black.

I think it's an incompatibility between the BIOS (I've the last BIOS 3603) and Video Card. I say this because I noticed that the BIOS 3510, bore this inscription: Fixed Nvidia GTX 680 hang when runing with UEFI driver. I thought it might be the same thing.

I would like to buy a GTX 770 DIRECT CU II, but I fear that it will have the same problem of the GTX 780, showing me the error again B2 for UEFI problem.

Does anyone have a GTX 770 DCII on a Maximus IV Exteme-Z?

Thank you very much for your help.

Level 14
i dont see why that card should not work on that machine of yours.
ive tried 2 780's in an old crosshair 3 formula and it worked.
and they stoped updating the bios for that mobo back in 2012

Level 15
Go over the connectors between the PSU and the VGA and double check they are fully seated, even not quite all the way connected can cause headaches.

Level 7
Thanks for the timely responses. Yes, I had already checked the connectors and they were both perfect. I saw that many of them have a EVGA GTX 780's and not Asus Direct Cu II. Maybe it's a problem of incompatibility between the Direct Cu II and my Motherboard.

So, if I wanted to buy a GTX 770 Direct Cu II, I would not have problems?

Level 14
the CUII is only VRM nothing else, no bios needed, no software exept vga drivers+++