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GPU Not working in x16 slot!

Level 7

I have a Rampage IV Formula Motherboard and I am suddenly having issues with my HD 7970 refusing to work In either x16 slot but is fine in the x8 slot. I updated the Bios 6 months ago and hadn't done anything to the machine other than use it and it was fine. I've tried the following: Clear CMOS, Take CMOS battery out, Change Bios version, try another PSU.

I used my old HD 5770 to check the x16 slot and it was working at x16 speed. Can anyone please help?


Level 10
Hello there,
Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling video drivers while your gpu sits at the mentioned slot?

Rampage IV Extreme BIOS 4206
Intel I7-3820
32 GB Quad Channel Kingston Hyper X Genesis
2 x Nvidia GTX 690
2 x WD Velociraptor 250 GB RAID0
Intel 120GB 320 SSD
Noctua NH-D14 SE2011
CM Silent Pro Hybrid - 1300W

Level 7
uhm, there are switches for all the pci slots, atleast 4 of them sitting neatly around the "start" and "reset" button. on the rampage IV extreme atleast are white. its on off buttons for the pci slots.

Level 7

Thanks for the replies. Changing drivers does not help and all PCIE switches are on. When the HD 7970 is in the x16 slot I have no display but the PC does fully boots into windows.

The VGA_LED is also lit up on the motherboard when the HD 7970 is in the x16 slot, but when installing the HD 5770 in the X16 slot the Q_LED light is off and there is no display issue. As I said earlier the HD 7970 does work in the x8 slot but not in the x16 slot.

I've tried the HD 7970 in another machine in a x16 slot and it works fine. To me it looks like a motherboard issue but I'm no expert, which is why I'm here looking for help with this issue.

have you checked in BIOS to see for anything?

Level 7
Yep. I even changed to an older bios version to see if that helped, but no luck.

Level 7
i dont know much. but what i think usually works for me. ok!

1. diagnostics on your motherboard and\or components.
2. stress test RAM.
3. stress test GPU.
4. stress test CPU.
5. stress test voltages?!?

anything you can think of really 🙂

Level 8
It works fine with a 5770, really mem test?

there could have been complications.

check the card in some other computer.

use the 5770, boot into OS. then uninstall and clean software for ati totally then reboot once with the 5770.
then switch to the 7970 and if black screen or nothing RMA it.

double check the power cables is fitted with click noise before you turn on again after switching to the 7970.

i have a 7970 myself and works in x16 slot on RIVE..

best bet is to RMA it if the power cable option flies out the window 🙂

definately not a MB fault since the 5770 works on it and there would be certain error leds code also.