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Good quad channel kit for the Rampage Iv esxtreme? G.SKILL F3-2400C10Q?

Level 7
Hi guys,

Just bought the Rampage IV extreme for my 3930k. I'm also getting the h100 cooler. I'm having some trouble finding good ram and I'm confused as to what I need to get a good overclock with the 3930k. I was looking at this ram
G.SKILL F3-2400C10Q which is rated at 2400 and XMP. I know I don't wan't the ram speed to limit my overclock, but what would you guys recommend for Ram? The G-skill is rated at 1.5v and I've read some reports that I should not use more then 1.5v on the 3930k and other people say it's no problem at all ruinning 1.65v. Let me know if you think this ram is good or please give me some suggestions that you guys have found to be good.

I'm a relative noob for overclocking but I figure I'll get into it this go around especially with the H100 which should allow me to overclock the CPU nicely.

Also what would be a good overclock with the H100 corsair and 3930k and do I really need the 2400 ram.

Thanks guys.

Level 15
RAM should run at no more than 1.5v, if anyone says otherwise...they could be doing some extreme overclocking on their setups, for example LN2(Liquid Nitrogen)

Level 40
Intel spec for SB-E is 1.35 to 1.65 with an absolute max of 1.85 so 1.65 no problem. The IMC is on the CPU and not all chips are going to run outside of spec. If you want to be guaranteed no problems 1600 will show no real difference in everyday tasks compared to higher clocked RAM. of course if overclocking RAM is your thing, go for higher frequencies. Really there is little (or no) link between the frequency of your RAM and the clock speed you can go for with your CPU. Temperatures will be much more cruical.
With the H100 you can easily get to 4.5/4.6 GHz higher and you will be entering into the last 15/20 degrees of the chips comfort zone. this will also depend on push pull and ambient temps of course.

Thanks guys.

I remember when I was overclocking my previous system the memory was directly tied to the CPU for overclocking. It's good to know thats not the case anymore. I do plan do go to about 4.5gz on the CPU.

What is the benefit of faster memory in terms of performance for gaming? how much improvement can I expect to get by going to a 2400 quad channel from a 1600, and if there isn't really much of a performance increase for everyday tasks then why do people buy the 2400 stuff. When would I see a benefit from faster ram? THanks.
What do you think of this set also, any reason to go with 32gb vs. 16gb?

For gaming there will be no perceptible difference. People buy the higher frequencies because they do better in benchmarks etc. it's human nature.....:rolleyes:

RE: quantity be careful you have the correct version of windows to run more than 16GB home premium wont run/use more than 16GB

people buy 32 GB for the same reason they buy higher frequencies. There is sense to it if you are going to set up a RAM disk or are running specialized programs that maybe use it but normal use will not make use of it. Whatever quantity you do decide to go for I would suggest you get a single kit. x79 is picky with RAM and running two kits is more problematic especially at higher frequencies. The Gskill z series are great (the ones you linked will be cool) particularly the black kits.