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Getting half speed with Evo 970plus on ASUS TUF GMAING PLUS X570

Level 7
I have recently bought a new computer, with the ASUS TUF GMAING PLUS X570 motherboard.

I have installed a PCIe 3 ssd Samsung Evo 970 Plus on the second m2 slot (the one with the heat sink), but I am getting half speed as the drive's interface is being shown as PCIe 3x2 instead of PCIe 3x4 in Samsung Magician software. I have also the latest ABBA bios update applied as well, but to no avail.

Anyone having the same issue? I have seen many forums in people having the same issue with MSI motherboards as well, and they were mostly fixed by a new Bios update. Is it the same case with this as well or this slot only supports drive with PCEI -4 interface ssd only"?

Thanks .