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Getting an endless loop of IROG firmware updating.

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Hey just installed my new Crosshair V Formula today and had some small problems booting but I reset bios and it booted, but then I get "IROG firmware update" and it goes to successful and restarts and then it starts updating again and again and again. I tried removing some RAM and shifting them around but nothing seems to work and I was wondering if anyone had some experience with this and if anyone knows how to fix it.

EDIT: I am also unable to enter BIOS.

My specs are:
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Corsair 1000 Watt power supply
4x2gb OCZ AMD Black Edition RAM
Some generic Western Digital 500gb hard drive 😛
AMD 5870 HD graphics card

Level 11
yea, pull whatever usb device is connected to the rog flashback port/ connect port. it is reading something that is saying it has a firmware on it when it doesn't. happened to me and i figured it out after like 10 reboots.

MOBO - ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z
CPU - AMD FX-9370
RAM - AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2400 MHz
SSD1 - Samsung 840 EVO 250GB // Boot
SSD2 - Samsung 840 EVO 250GB // Game
GPU1 - ASUS Radeon R9 290X
GPU2 - ASUS Radeon R9 290X
COOLER - Corsair H100i AIO Liquid Cooler
PSU - Corsair RM Series 1000W Gold PSU
AUDIO - Creative Sound Blaster Z
CASE - NZXT H440 Red/Black
KEYBOARD - Corsair K95 RGB
MOUSE - SteelSeries Sensei
HEADSET - Logitech G430

Today(21.Sep.2015) the same thing happened to was jumping from a2 to 62 to 71 to 8something and 99...i think they were a lot more codes than just to fast for my eyes to catch...but i got it on video...i have bios 2201...what i did is power off the pc right after it says "Update firmware successfully"...power off the psu too...took one hdd out(not that it had a problem but it was in a Thermaltake Max 5 duo rack)...and i powered on everything again...and after showing one more time the "updating iROG firmware now! DO NOT reboot or turn off power" and the "Update firmware successfully" it worked...what was that all about? a new hdd by the way...i want to mention that i converted my ssd(windows) from mbr to gpt not long ago and upgraded my bios too...Could they be related?
MB = Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z info
CPU = AMD Fx-8350 Bios 2101info
RAM = Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB (2x8Gb) 2133 KHX21C11T3K2/16X info
GPU = Asus GTX 980 Matrix Platinum info
SSD = Kingston HyperX 3K 240Gb
HDD = WD 500Gb +WD 3x1TB(fzex)
PSU = Corsair AX760i info
CPU Cooler = Thermaltake Nic C4
Display = Sony KDL-32w706b info
Mouse = A4Tech Bloody Gun3 V7
Keyboard = SteelSeries APEX info

Hey peoples...Ive been a lurker for a while but decided to register because Ive run into some problems with my Maximus V Formula. I'll try to explain best I cant the whole situation without blabbing on too much. Here goes.

I bought the board second hand knowing about the iROG boot loop and having no onboard GPU. (Super cheap but thought it would be worth a punt to get a great board cheap) Anyway.I assembled the system which included:

- Corsair RM 650 psu
i5 2500k
8GB Vengeance Ram
Maximus V Forumla Mobo
Hardrive and SSD
Enermax Liqmax II 120s CPU cooler

This system isnt my main rig but Id still like to salvage it if possible. Please find attached Picture of bench/case I made I dont think its shorting out as Ive had other builds on it.

All assembled on a makeshift test bench that I took apart from an old case (have used this test bench on other builds). As far as I could tell the current BIOS was on 1903. When I hit start I get a few Q codes starting with 10 which stays at 10 for like what seems eternity (probs about 30-45 seconds) then might go to 13/14 or 15 then back to 10 speeds through different codes to 32 stays there again for a long time then makes its way into the 60's then to 70,72 hangs on 72 then onto 96 through to 99 then my keyboard lights along with the ASUS splash screen, but my keyboard doesn't respond so the delightful iROG starts updating... I've let it complete before but doesn't change anything. Also the LED'S for CPU, VGA, RAM and Boot Device do come on throughout the posting but go out and remain off by the time it gets to the 70's on the Q Codes.

I used flash back and tried 1604 just at random to see if anything changed it, flashes back fine but doesn't alter the outcome. After removing ram trying different Dimm slots, ssd'd connected and disconnected blah blah still didnt do anything. I've tied all the suggestions on these threads removing USB devices, making sure iROG is off on the back, Clearing CMOS via the button on the back and also removing the CMOS battery for a period of time all to no avail.

So after this I bought a new replacement BIOS Chip with 1903 on (current BIOS) removed all power, CMOS battery, old BIOS chip. Inserted the new BIOS Chip, CMOS battery back in and powered up the board and BAM Q Codes fly through and I can hit Delete and Im into the BIOS. WOOOHOOOO!

Me being the ass that I am wanted to adjust some cables before putting the bench back on my desk where I normally have it ( this is normal right?) So I power down. Sort the cables and boot....Oh look back to square one... So after a while of trouble shooting again and removing and re inserting the BIOS chip I snap a pin on the BIOS Chip... Not cool. No biggy I just ordered another apart from the fact the new one didnt do anything. So Im back to square one. Now with the added Q code of b2 when the splash screen appears.

What I know so far is the board DOES work. Im just not sure what else to do. I cant keep buying BIOS Chips. (and for them not to work) Flash back works and updates as it should on the current BIOS Chip so as far as I can tell the chip isn't faulty.

Please help me. Its driving me MADDDD! Cant RMA as its second hand etc..

If theres any further info you need just ask.

Thanks guys I look forward to your replies.

Can you do some electrical measurements, and/or do you have any soldering skills?

It sounds like the button on the rear that you use for Asus Flashback is internally hanging to the flash position.
That could maybe explain why your system boots up once with a new bios chip, and then reverts to the old behaviour.
So what you should try is to measure if the switch functions or not, by checking every point where it is soldered to the board, for resistance.
If the outcome differs after switching the button, it works. If not, it is stuck. That's my theory at least.

If you don't know how to do this;you could try an alternative...WD40.
Puff a little bit inside the button and let it be for a while. This stuff might dissolve any dust that could have creeped inside over the years. Give it a dozen of on/offs and perhaps give it a second puff.
Don't worry, it does not conduct electricity so there's no risk of shortage.
Do take precautions though,cover the board with a newspaper or something,and put toilet paper around the button/io panel in case you give it an excess puff of WD40. Ofcourse clean off any spill that comes out of it.

Should you not want to do all this and just try another bios chip; once you get into the BIOS,disable ROG connect immediately. If the switch is internally stuck;it should not have any influence anymore.

Good luck, hope this helps, let me know