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Get me up to date with MVII Hero and M.2.. is it worth it yet?

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I've finally finished affording and pieceing the hardware to upgrade from a P8Z68 to the Maximus VII Hero (this board has been sitting in the box for about 6 or more months waiting...), and from ivy to Devils Canyon Haswell. The older stuff is going into a build for my kid to play his minecraft on lol. THIS is how my kid gets a birthday present while at the same time I can justify upgrading my rig.

None the less I just got all of the bugs worked out of the fresh OS install and update after installing the new Maximus MB and CPU. Now i am looking at my Old Crucial M4 250gb SSD(runs the OS) . And am looking at maybe giving it to the kid , so I can get myself a newer SSD. Initially I was looking at the SAMSUNG 850 evo or pros. But figure I might as well try out the M.2 stuff.

Searching a little, ive seen some older posts from last year... more or less saying it isnt worth Running M.2 or pci SSD on this Mother board. Is this still the case??? If not what is the go to M.2 ?