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GENE-Z: some wav files have a pop noise at the end.

Level 9
I am not sure if this is windows, direct x or the onboard sound.

When some wave files play the sounds get clipped and the windows plays the last millisecond or so as that "surround sound is losing sync" noise. i.s. the noise you get when optical gets no sync.

Only some files. I tested them in game and in a player.

I suspect direct X is unloading the wav from memory a split second before it finishes playing the sound, so it then plays random junk from memory. This might be a known issue I think.

I suspect this would be a driver issue/responsibility as most drivers on most chips and sound cards probably handle this bug in direct x.

Any Fix?

p.s. I am using headphones and the digital port on the board.

Level 9
Never mind, I think it is the files and directsound, I tried on another computer and same issue. I will try replacing the file with something else (I could not seem to fix it in a sound editor).

Weird thing is my old PC from 2003 did not have the issue, so maybe its driver had a workaround or PCI just has better latency than PCIe2.

Maybe the issue is direct sound buffers and wavs that do not taper to silence. Hopefully it is an old format thing.

Level 9
I don't mean to bump this thread, only update it for anyone else running into the same problem.

I, again, ran into a sound effect in my game that was clipping at the end of play. I load up XACT and play the sound from there, and it reproduces the clipping. I check out the sound effect in audacity and the end of the sample is zero'd, but not the beginning! So I zero the beginning, load up XACT again (being sure the previous sample is not cached, so I closed everything down and reopened it) and the sample is fixed, no clipping! 🙂

Next, I noticed another sample with a way worse non-zero beginning, and it does not clip.

So, it appears non-zero'd beginnings of some samples cause clipping at the end of play, but this does not apply to all samples.