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GENE-Z: Lucid Virtu says "Licence is Required" when running games

Level 9
I fixed my heat issue and I thought I would try the iGPU Virtu, but I get this message.

"License is Required!" a few times when trying to run games.

I installed the Intel Drivers
Installed ATI Drivers (drivers only) 6870
Installed Lucid Virtu (Lucidlogix VIRTU Setup1-2-105-17711-64Bit.exe)

p.s. I have no temperature reading for my dGPU when using the iGPU.

Level 9
this worked to get it licensed again..

Installed Lucid Virtu (Asus Copy)
Installed Lucid Virtu (Lucidlogix VIRTU Setup1-2-105-17711-64Bit.exe)

Now the screen is full of buzzing horizontal lines when I start any game, although I can see the lucid logo in the top corner and it is not part of the horizontal lines. Well that wore me out... too much effort for something I know is going to be pointless.

back to dGPU mode for me.