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Gene Z Chassis fan control

Level 7
I just installed 3) Scythe SY1225SL12LM-P 4-pin PWM fans on the Gene Z board. They run at 1000 RPM all the time. Q-Fan is enabled in the BIOS, Using Asus Fan Xpert 1.01.01.

unable to build a profile of the chassis fans in Fan Xpert, only the CPU fan.

CPU fan runs at 400 RPM at idle.

What is the point of the 4-pin fan headers if they do nothing?

Going to do some stress testing. Most likely will go for another fan solution.

Level 11
This unfortuently is a limitation with the Gene-Z mobo. Either switch to a fan controller or use a different mobo

thanks, i guess i should of researched more before buying it, someone said it had excellent fan control. will look for another solution.

I just built my system a couple days ago and used a Corsair H100. You are supposed to plug the two cpu fans into the H100 controller, but I would get a bios error that the cpu fans were not detected, so I plugged them into the motherboard. They ran at full speed and sounded like jet engines. Then I figured out that I can go into the bios and "ignore" the cpu fans, then plug them back into the H100 controller (which has a fan / pump speed selector button). Now it is totally quiet.

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