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Frozen Time Clock in UEFI - The Fix

Level 13
Is your motherboard suffering from the malady of a frozen time clock in UEFI?

If so try the following:

1) Reflash the latest UEFI, using EZ Flash 2 or USB BIOS flashback.

2) When the system POSTs, enter UEFI. Once in UEFI power down the motherboard. Keep the PSU attached and "on". Only the motherboard is powered off and in "standby". You will see the MB standby lights on (boards with start buttons onboard will be lit). Standby does not mean the board is actually running, standby means the board has power, but you have not pressed the power button to turn it on. Make sure the board is off before you go to the next step in this list. You will know if it is off because if you leave it for 5 seconds it should not POST~BOOT - this means it is in standby.

3) Clear CMOS (Clear RTC) for 10 seconds. This will clear the Management Engine.

4) Power up the system, enter UEFI, set the clock and then save and exit.

5) Update MEI driver to Version in the OS.

6 )Carry on using the system as normal.

The above steps should fix the issue.

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Level 7
I had this problem - I reseated the CMOS battery and then... the board wouldn't boot! It powers up and goes through a few q-codes and about 5 seconds in, the q-code goes to 00 and it reboots it's self. The q-code stays on 00 for the reboot. It reboots it's self twice then powers off. The first few times it rebooted several times and I switched the power off myself.

I say 'had' this problem. I went and bought another Hero and this is working fine with all other hardware unchanged.

(This is my 3rd Hero and they've all had the microphone issue.)

Level 7
Sorry guys, I can't do this.

Good luck!

jodiuh wrote:
Sorry guys, I can't do this.

Good luck!

What happened?

I'll keep repeating it: for those who want to, try and flash the Intel ME firmware available here:

I did it on January 23rd, not one time freeze since then!

Raja@ASUS wrote:
What happened?

Finances limit me to sending in my board first. I cannot be without my PC for even one day.

However, I may be coming into some $ very soon and will be able to do this.

I'll keep you updated.

Level 7
So do I Huzursuz,

I don't know if you use PMDG aircraft in the simulator such as their 737NGX or B777 but if you do, you will know the moment the clock freezes as the aircraft auto pilot systems fail immediately at that moment. That can totally ruin a flight and will make you feel like you have wasted many hours, not saved them
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GregH wrote:
So do I Huzursuz,

I don't know if you use PMDG aircraft in the simulator such as their 737NGX or B777 but if you do, you will know the moment the clock freezes as the aircraft auto pilot systems fail immediately at that moment.

I do not suffer problems in FSX even with a frozen clock. I mainly use NGX and on occasion the Q400

Level 7
Huzursuz, that was pretty difficult to follow what you were talking about in a wall of text like that, but I do have one piece of info for you - please be aware you can't always get away with lowering clock speed on its own. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH core voltage, at least in the case of Haswell. I was overclocking a 4670K this afternoon and came across this exact issue resulting in a couple of 124 BSODs 🙂

Food for thought.
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Level 7
This fixed it for me, thank you so much Raja.

I used the Intel 4th Gen Bios updater.
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Level 10
If your saying u updated the bios using the updater then that reset your bios which in turn reset the clock, most likely the issue will return at a random time but let's hope that it doesn't lol
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