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force-enable-gen3 will it damage anything?

Level 10
32019I have the following specification:

Mobo: Asus Rampage IV extreme
CPU: Intel Core i7 3970x
CPU Cooler : Corsair H100i
GPU: Asus GTX 780 Direct CU II SLI
SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 128 GB
HDD: samsung 250GB+Samsung 1 TB+wd 2 TB+wd 3 TB
Ram: 32 GB corsair dominator platinium 2133 mhz(currently out for rma)
6 GB corsair xms3 1600 mhz(currently using)
PSU: Corsair AX 1200i
Chasis: Cooler Master Cosmos II
Sound Card: Creative ZxR

using 331.82 WHQL on windows 8.1 pro x64

i have gone through everywhere using this quote "pci-e 3.0 force enabler on x79 platform"
my question is will it cause any damage to any of my h/w ?
Rampage IV Extreme(Red)/ i7 3970x / 16 GB Corsair Dominator Platinium 1600 / Asus GTX 780 DCU II- OC SLI / Corsair AX 1200i / Samsung 840 Pro 128 GB /Intel 750 400 GB/ Cooler Master Cosmos II / Corsair H100i

Level 40