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For my new Crosshair v formula motherboard

Level 7
Hi guys i have bought the new crosshair v formula motherboard. I'm building a new PC but the motherboard bios cant not update for my AMD FX 8150 processor. So i have to do usb flashback. i downloaded the new version bios from asus website. but i have to convert it from rom to cap. but on my laptop i cant use ez 2 or bupdater to convert it. so can someone give me a link to download converted 1703 bios. many thank

Level 40
What I suggest is that you download the first BIOS that supports your CPU. That is a BIOS which is NOT cap.

Flash to that bios and get your system working.

Once your system is happy and working, and by that I mean you can access BIOS.

Then flash to what ever BIOS you want as you will have full control of the process via the EZflash2 application which is located in the tools menu in the BIOS.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Thank you for responding my question.:)

But the problem is i cant get in to the bios, so i have to do ROG USB flashback. i did downloaded the new version bios of the crosshair v formula which is 1703 with the ROM format. i unzipped and copy to my USB strike then plus in to the ROG USB port, but the motherboard doesnt load up the bios. then i had read and follow the introfuction of Asus ROG USB Flashback on the this page.

But it still doesnt work for me, and then i did search more information about ROG USB flashback, then i find out the problem is the motherbaord cannot detect .ROM format. and it also say i have to convert it to .cap format and rename it.

but on my laptop i cant Do this..................

i did try to use another AMD processor which is AMD sempron 145 2.8Ghz to boot up the system but it still not working to get in to the bios
i checked the motherboard should support for this CPU on the Asus crosshair v formula website.

Also i did bought the new bios chip to update the bios but it still doesnt work. Now i dont know what to do................:(

Level 40
Based on what you have just said it seems that your Motherboard is defective.

Please RMA your motherboard to the retailer you bought it from.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 15
You cannot do a BIOS FlashBack from the original Crosshair V Formula Motherboard, it's not on comes on the Crosshair V Formula-Z board however. To get your CHVF updated, you can either a) use an older CPU to update the BIOS. b) contact ASUS for a newer BIOS chip or c) go to Ebay and order one