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Finding a better cooling solution?

Level 7
I'm overclocking my 8350 right now to 4.6 GHz. I have it at 1.4v core. I can get it stable at 4.7 GHz at that voltage, but I have to raise the Digi Power to CPU Load Line to Ultra High to make it stable. Whenever I try to go higher than 4.7 and increase the voltage, the CPU gets too hot under stress testing and then becomes extremely unstable. I am currently using an h100i with stock cooling fans to cool it. I am running at 46 degrees under full load with prime95. Will upgrading the fans to corsair sp120 or delta fans increase my overclocking potential, or do I have to use some exotic cooling to see what this chip can really do?

Level 40
If I may be very blunt. The added stress and strain you are placing on your entire system for an extra 100MHz is not worth it in my view.

However if you do wish to get that 4.7GHz here is what I would do. I would actually not increase LLC to extreme, I would lower it and increase my base vcore by one or two notches.

Try it and see, and see how the temps react too.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 15
A wise bald headed man once said that heat is the biggest limiting factor when overclocking. The H100i is already the best closed loop system there is on the market. Changing the fans will only drop your temperatures by 1C-5C. The Deltas scream like a jet engine. Would you have your room to sound like an airport just for an extra 100MHz?

Do as HVM has instructed. Drop your LLC to Regular or Medium at most and up your vcore.