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Fan Xpert 2 problem?

Level 7
Hi there, I have the Hero 6 and have stumbled upon a small issue which is bugging me, as opposed to causing me a problem. I have a full custom water-cooled loop and have 2 Scythe GT's connected to the CPU_FAN via a 2-way splitter and 3 Scythe GT's (on my external rad) connected via a 3-way splitter to CPU_OPT. These are non PWM fans but can be controlled via Fan Xpert and seem to have a controllable speed from 300rpm all the way to 1850rpm.

However, upon monitoring via AI Suite it would appear the fans on the CPU_OPT drop to 0rpm for a few seconds every minute or so. Although the fans don't actually appear to slow down visibly. Monitoring them via HWMonitor seems to show the same behaviour. It may not be a problem as such, but obviously if there is regular volatage changes etc it may not be good in the long term for the health of the fans in question. I have created a short video which I have uploaded to youtube to show the behaviour.

Is this normal and nothing to get concerned over?


Also, what do the different colours of the speed monitoring represent? Seems to vary depending on what profile is selected, Red being fan is shut down I presume, but there is also yellow and the green colour as seen in all fans in video.