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Fan Control on MAXIMUS VII HERO Z97

Level 7
Hello. I am trying to figure out how to change the speed of the fans that are connected to my motherboard. I've been to the ASUS driver download site for the Asus Maximums VII Hero, but I can't find any software that will allow me to control the fans. I have a Corsair 750D which has 2 140mm fans on the front pulling air in, 1 140mm fan in the back blowing air out, 1 120mm fan on the bottom front pulling air in, and 2 more 140mm fans which are attached to the radiator pushing air out the top.

So 6 total fans ... though the two on the radiator are both connected to the Corsair cooling pump. (It's an H115i). So at present, I have 5 separate fans as far as the motherboard is concerned.

What I want to do is disable some fans via software and/or run them at low speeds so I can get an idea of how low I can turn them down while still having adequate cooling. (Primarily for when the PC is effectively idle. I suspect I can have the fans running at such a low RPM that I wouldn't even be able to tell they are on.)

But I can't find any way to control the fans without going into the BIOS.

Hi blixel

Sorry for a late reply.

You could install AI Suite and use Fan Xpert but you'd probably be better off controlling them in the bios.