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Error 55 VI Hero Really stuck here

Level 7
Hi, Norway calling.

I bought a VI Hero on monday with a pair of Corsair Dominator Platinium 2x8Gb sticks which was listed as compatible on the Memory QVL. What i didnt see was that there was a version number stated as well. Anyhow i soon discovered that they didnt work. I got Error 55 which ever slot i mounted them in, so i returned them for a refund and did some more research and found
Corsair XMS3 1866MHz 8GB Vengeance CL9 which was listed as compatible everywhere and no version numbers.
So i drove 150km today and fetched them, came home and now i can get into the bios when i mount sticks in the B1/B2 slots, but if i try to puth anything in A1/A2 i get Error 55.

What is up with this crap?? Ive browsed several threads and find some that says to tweak the voltage but my voltage section has AUTO written all over and i cant change anything. I tried to follow a guide on how to tweak the settings but my voltage sits firm at AUTO.

I really really want to rip this pile of junk motherboard out and drive over it but i cant afford it so if anyone has a less violent approach it would be greatly appreciated to get some advice on what to do to fix this hell board.

Level 7
Nope, didnt help. Error 55. It must be a hw related problem to bank A1/A2.

put one stick in A2 and one in B2 if only using 2 sticks. You cant use 2 sticks in A!,A2 or B1,B2. and you cant put 2 sticks in A1 B1. It should be slot (A1), Stick (A2), Slot (B1), Stick (B2)
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Level 7
I cant put anything in A1/A2. All possible combinations exept B1/B2 gives Error 55. I know your not supposed to use B1/B2 but thats the only thing thats doesnt give Error 55. Its ****ed. Ive RMA'd it and its going back to the store.

Level 13

Most code 55 issues that don't affect all memory slots are the result of bent CPU pins or improper tightening of the HSF/waterbolck. Just something to keep in mind with the replacement board.

Level 7
I was really careful mounting the cpu and the waterblock, tightening all bolts in a starpattern. Ive also remounted the block once. Havent checked the pins on the cpusocket though but i cant see how anything could have been bent considering how it was assembled.

Level 7
Now i have dissasembled the cooler and the cpu. There are no bent or damaged pins in any way or form in the cpu socket.
Reassembled the cpu, new thermal paste and been ultra careful mounting the waterblock.
Error 55 each time i put a stick into A1/A2. B1/B2 still fine.

Any more suggestions?

Level 10
Looks like you are not alone with having issues with the RAM slots on the Hero.

Think you will need to RMA it.
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Level 7
I have seen that to. I will post the boards revision/version number here so if anyone else get the same issue we can see if they belong to the same production batch.