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ek waterblock question

Level 7
I've searched all over Google for the last few hours and cannot find a solid answer:

I just received the EK waterblock for the C5f - z, and the directions say to cut the thermal pads to size and apply them. It also says to add a bit of thermal compound underneath the pads for a little bit better cooling.

There were supposed to be 2 pads/strips in the box but I only received 1. Now I don't have enough padding to cover all the vrms. Is it okay to use just thermal compound instead of the pads? I guess I could try to get the one pad strip to cover all by cutting tiny squares to size, but would rather just use the TIM if that's the better choice.

If pads are necessary, is there any place locally i might be able to pick some up at? No Micro center or anything like it around here that i know of, and the girl at radio shack said they don't have any. Would like to avoid ordering online and paying shipping and waiting a few more days. Hardware store?

Level 10
The EK install sheet specifies to cut the strip in to squares, they provide the dimensions. EK also provides a non-conductive tim and recommend it be applied in a very light coat. The CHVFZ block and the EK R9 blocks both have these recommendations.

Now if I could just get the SB to run 10C cooler. Everything runs low 30's except the SB, it's mid 40's.
Speedbird 9590@5.1/CHVFZ/8gb G Skill@2133/ASUS R9-280X all on EK blocks controlled with Aquaero 6 Pro

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