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Dual hd 7970 matrix on a maximus V formula, is it doable?

Level 7

I got a gaming computer with a single hd 7970 matrix gpu and a maximus V formula. I am concidering purchasing another for better performance. i did the measurement and it is a "just" fit. I was wondering if anyone has experience with dual hd 7970 matrix on this motherboard?

Thanks for reply 🙂

Level 40
Yes it works as long as you use the 2 slot versions of the cards. Those monsters with the three slot coolers are find for test benches but the standard cooling cards work better for me in Crossfire. Exhaust the hot air out of the case.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

I think it's possible with 7970 matrix if you change to ekwb cooling for example. I have maximus v formula and one matrix platinum, there is no way 2 (3 slot) cards would fit in the motherboard not causing air flow problems to the cards.
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