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Does the Maximus VI Gene support 32gb of Corsair Vengeance Pro 2133?

Level 7
I am about to build my first PC around a Gene mobo and i5 4670K chip. I have bought a Vengeance Pro 2133 2 x 8gb kit, but I was wondering if, in the future, I can add a further 16gb because it does not seem to be supported in the Maximus VI Qualified Vendors List user guide?

Any advice would really help. Thanks.

On a separate issue, how come only an ROG SLI bridge is included with the motherboard and not a Crossfire bridge? MSI with their Radeon R9 270 don't include one either, but they do include a VGA adaptor - WOW!!

Level 13

SLI bridges are included with motherboards. XFire bridges are included with the video card. Should contact MSI and ask where the bridge is. The Maximus VI Gene does support 32GB of ram. However it is not a good idea to mix sets. If installing 32GB you should purchase a matched set of 4x8GB modules.

Thanks Praz

I can go ahead with my 32gb build then!!

I still find it maddening that Asus ROG choose to include SLI but not Crossfire. It is not that they are endorsing SLI over Xfire. And as for MSI, just a stock email reply and no direct contact to speak to ( at least not here in the UK).

Thanks again

Level 13

XFire bridges are not included with any motherboard. The exception to this is if the PCIe slot layout is such that a standard bridge, which should be included with the video card, will not be the proper length.