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dll Error in ASUS AiSuite3 Fan Xpert 2

Level 7
finished my new mITX build with the new VII Impact, installed ASUS AI Suite 3 with all its software, ran optimization, went to change fan curves manually and I got an error saying:

"Access violation at address 03376D68 in module 'dip4.dll'. Read of address 00000048."

I have already had a look online and it seems that most peoples problems come from using a registry cleaner, but I haven't used that.
What I have tried so far is reformatting both of my hard drives and reinstalling windows (8.1). Sadly, this didn't work. I nearly had a go at downloading the dll myself and editing the registry but then quickly came to my senses.
Not exactly sure how to combat this error since it appears that t's coming from the registry.

Even though this may not be the biggest problem ever, any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated 🙂


Level 7
I'am having the same poblem with this...
I too have a newly build machine.
my big problem is that now I feel like my fans are too slow and the AIO Watercooler pump making idle temps 50c...
it was below 35c at idle in 26c ambient temperature before that.
but it is now silent xD

so a solution would be nice to be able to control the fans properly
gonna uninstall it for now and hope the fan profiles from BIOS does nøt get raped by some crap.

actually it is 40c at idle so i guess it's fine..
rig: Impact VII / 4790K / Crucial Ballistix SP 16GB 1600Mhz/ 256GB 850 Pro
Corsair AX760 / H105 AIO Watercooling / Bitfenix Prodigy
laptop: G75VW 3630QM / 670m /16GB RAM / 256GB 840 Pro + 750gb/ BD drive
Gaming OC for 670m 750/1750

Level 9
Hi there guys, did You solve this problem somehow?