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Dead Board?

Level 7
Asus Max V Formula

So about 2 weeks ago my system just stopped turning on. The power button does nothing. I see that the LED lights on my mobo are working. The breathing thing on the board that says ASUS right next to the CPU breaths on and off like the system was in sleep mode or something. The LED lights that light up the Red Line section work. I don't see any sort of Q code though.

What gets me, is isn't that breathing effect something that has to do with BIOS (yeah I know it's not BIOS anymore - I'm old-school) settings. Not sure if that means anything or not, but it seems odd that would work; it doesn't preclude the board being DOA of course.

Things I have tried:

I have tried resetting the CMOS by the reset button as well as pulling the battery and testing it.
I have checked the power on cord that feeds from the case to the mobo.
I have run a test on the PSU to verify it's working fine. It is.
I have removed everything save for items required for a successful boot. (Mobo power cords, ATX. etc) GPU, RAM, CPU.
I have changed the PSU cord.
I have changed power locations (moved wall sockets).
I have changed order and amount of RAM.

Things I have not tried:

I have not tried reversing the order of the reset cord and power on cords yet.
I have not tried booting without the GPU (My CPU could cover this if needed).
I have not completely replaced the RAM for lack of extra dimms.
I have not tore the whole system apart and rebuilt it from scratch yet (I loath to do this anyway and find it mostly a WOT).

So, I am at the point now where I am wondering if I should just RMA the board. Is the whole RMA process really bad? I have heard, well, not so nice things in this regard. IDK even where to start 😞

Level 18
HateFly .. Welcome to ROG ..

If you purchased this from a retailer and there is time to return/exchange as defective DO SO IMMEDIATELY..
If the return is expired .. sigh .. register @ (the official support site for Asus) and start
the RMA ..
PM (Private Messege) cl-scott with all information inclucing this post .. rma numbers .. incident numbers ect ..
as he may be able to expidite this for you ..

You may also update the bios to the latest .. if you have not done so .. (to a fat32 formated thumb drive if possible)
As a last note .. are you sure (i do not mean to offend .. this happens) there are no loose screws or stand offs behind
the motherboard ... sorry .. this can only be .. as you well know .. checked one way ... (take it out)

From the looks of it though ... I would go with option one if it is available to you ... and option 2 if not ..
of course ... there may be other ideas to follow below .. as there are many very talented magicians here ...

Best of Luck to you .. Please, Keep us posted.c.

Level 15
Before you jump the RMA gun, remove your CPU and check for bent pins. if they are ok, try re-installing the CPU and be careful to not over tighten the screws for your cooler

Level 18
Indeed .. very good suggestion .. mSS.c.

Level 40
I opt for the WOT procedure. Remove all from your motherboard and THEN do a clear CMOS. (battery too of course)

That way you get to start fresh with a clean slate. And it can be something as silly as a bit of dirt in a power connector.

Best way is 1 stick of ram in the furtherest slot from the CPU.

No hdd, one VGA and keyboard mouse only.

But it does sound like RMA is going to be the end result.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 18
... well worth the shot. (Always.) ... but watch the RMA clock on the retailer .. do it.
Either it works .. or RMA .. with light speed.
Retailer is the quickest, surest way to a 'new' board ... with no disrespect to Asus RMA ..
(especially if cl-scott is involved.) ... but .. (well, I did say I would not disrespect Asus RMA..)

Please. Do as suggested First .. decide. Move forward.
Keep 'us' posted .. and Best of Luck .. (as they say) 'We'll' leave the light on.c.