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Crosshair VIII Hero + Lian Li Strimer Plus + Front Panel RGB = How to connect them?

Level 7
I'm very close to complete my first build, but I'm stuck on something trivial and I need some help here, my build uses the following components:

- ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero (WIFI) mobo
- Lian Li OD11XL case
- Lian Li Strimer Plus cables (1x 24pin for the Mobo PSU - and 1x 8pin for the GPU)

I don't know how to correctly connect the Lian Li OD11XL front page RGB strip to the mobo and the Lian Li Strimmer cable to the mobo, according to the specification, my mobo has 2x RGB LED headers and 2x Addressable RGB Led headers.

I've contacted Lian Li support here in New Zealand, and they were pretty useless, I felt like talking to a wall, they just replied with a copy and paste from the users guide, the supprot was so useless they even recommended to use a "Y" splitter to conenct both components to the mobo (the users guide and Lian Li website strongly advise in all CAPS and bold letters TO NOT make such connections).

What I would like to accomplish is the followinng:

- Lian Li Strimer cables are connected to the mobo and controlled by software (not the little remote that will stay inside the case - it is useless once the case is locked, so makes more sense to have software control whenever I want to change its settings)
- Lian Li Front Panel RGB Strip - I would like to connect and be able to control usign the buttons from the front panel (I don't need software control here, but if it can why not? is it even possible?)

My priority is to gain software control of Lian Li Strimer cables via software and Lian Li RGB Strip from front panel buttons, that's it and I'm stuck here with lots questions and no direction, any help is greatly appreciated.