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Crosshair VI Hero white LED remains on after boot

Level 7
I recently upgraded my Crosshair VI Hero to the latest firmware (version 8101) and in general everything is fine.
However, after booting into Windows the white LED will remain on and the board shows code 9E (TPM related?).

I am running Windows 11 and did not experience this issue before my firmware was upgraded.
I have Fast Startup and Fast Boot disabled, CSM is also disabled and Secure Boot is enabled for Windows.

Yesterday I rebooted once, after updating my AMD RAID software and the light didn't stay on that time.
This morning it remained on after a cold boot and I also tried restarting and another cold boot, but it's still on.


Level 7
So I just restarted my computer again and this time the light stays off.
9E still shows permanently, and I did see AA before 9E showed up.

I just seems like this version has a bug in it and I don't know what's causing it, possibly Windows 11.

EDIT: Today (20-11) the light came on again during cold boot and stays on...

Level 7
So this is incredibly dumb, but the issue only seems to occur if I boot my pc without the monitor being turned on.
If my monitor is off, or set to a different input then the light will remain on after booting. It makes no sense it all.