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crosshair vi hero amd - coldboot issues - cycles twices - hangs occasionally with d

Level 8

i bought it a few years ago and since used the mainboard with the ryzen 2700x, 3600 and now 5600. used it with 3000mhz ram and now using it with 48gb 3600mhz ram black rgb from ballistix(2*16 + 2x8).

from the begginning i had following issues:

the mainboard cycles through the codes twice before the led turns withe and the pc boots. it doesnt turn off while cycling through
occasionally the code cycle procces stops with different error codes. mainly Error 8. will update to add the other codes when it occures. pressing reset button mostly works. very rarly i have to turn off and on the psu.

EDIT: Error 04. Error 42.

other then this issues(and a shi*y rgb solution) im happy with the board. i can push the cpu to 4.8 allcore with just changing the multiplier. ram to 3800mhz and the fclk to 1900 to be 1:1.

right now it runs stock. i had this issue with the other cpus too. not sure anymore for the old ram but im pretty sure i had the same issue with them too.

is the cycling twice even an error?
how to fix the error codes?

any ideas?