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CROSSHAIR VI HERO a Legend or not ?

Level 7
Good evening to all
i want to write here for ask somthing to asus.
My story with asus is very long i love their products and the accuracy that they use on all products.
Ofcoure i know the best line of asus sometime isn't cheappest but is the best (in my opinion).
My story with ryzen and x370 mobo, my first config is based on 1700X and a Gigabyte mobo (sry asus but i can't find a model at launch in italy and go on gigabyte that is the only available)
My gigabyte dead so go to rma and thay send me a new one after 3 week new dead again.
I don't ask any more RMA go on amazon and took this mobo
17 march of 2018.
And after this day for me is a true love with ryzen 1700X and my mobo a LEGEND for me (overclock stability performance wonderfoul).
On 20 april 2020 i decided to move on 3900X because the motherboard is fantastic and i don't see any advantage to change the mobo.
Now a some day ago i see the asus siste for check if any update come out for software like AI suite 3 and i found a new Bios 8002
I can't be possible my mobo is old and asus go to support this board and new bios (this mobo is the best mobo in the last 10 years for me and asus is the best)?
so i read the change log and that is improve perfonace and system stability.
I go to update bios and a bad issue on my usb :confused:.
Is true don't happen to frequently but happen.
I Go on google and try to find a work aroud and that i read isn't so good:confused::confused:

Now the question, why asus release a bios that is going to introduce a bug and no one more update come?
Why no great change in this bios and is focus to lock a cross flash ?
In my mind i never going to cross flash bios of this board but why you ASUS going to lock this and not going to fix other issue like usb ?
I don't want to write here to ask for zen 3 support i want my board to handle the cpu and te ram at the best performance possibile.
AMD told to us not support for zen 3 on x3xx mobo and for me is ok, but injection of issue and no other update leave a strange flavor
True i can go to prev bios release but i don't understand this update.
Kindly regards to all

after some try i've solved my issue
i've swap some usb port and now all is fine but i suppose there is somthing auto conf in bios that cause this issue