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Crosshair V ROG, FX95990, GSKILL 2133 (4x8gb)

Level 7
It's been over 15 years since I've done much overclocking, etc, so I need a bit of a hand with setting this up, this is a hard working desktop more than a gaming computer, so keep that in mind, I don't need bleeding edge performance

Asus Crossfire V ROG mobo
AMD FX9590 processor
Gskill F3-2133C9Q-32GXH 4x8gb

Currently using a Corsair H40 cooler but I know that will have to get upgraded (you think the Hyper 212 with 2 fans is better?), suggest a better cooler?

Level 7
Put the Hyper 212 cooler on it, it's MUCH better.. I'm waiting on a much better fan to come in, which will help more, current max temp with 100% CPU load on all 8 cores is 55C

OK, this thing is frustrating me like heck... USB3 external seagate drives doesn't get detected, internal SATA doesn't get listed in BIOS but is listed in OS (weird?), and the performance of this thing is garbage, poor transfer speeds between any hard drives, glitchy, just all around poor.. fresh windows 7 ultimate reinstall with all the latest patches, drivers and firmware

what gives?