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Crosshair V retail box and RMA questions

Level 7
Somehow I think my retail box got thrown away. I need it for a new egg RMA but New egg RMA only works within like 30 days but ASUS has a 3 year warranty so how does that work.

I dont need the retail box to RMA this board to Asus right? I mean that would be silly. Anyways how is the RMA process for ASUS?

Level 18
Around here we PM (Private Messege) Mason@Asus on RMA issues.

If you have the coins .. this isnt exactly the way we ROG but when needed ..
you could order a new one .. and put the old one in that box ...
Just set up your RMA before the 30dys is up ...
(consider it a retailer honesty check .. if that board goes out again .. as new ..
the unlucky recipient will know because the sticker on the box and the one
on the board wont match ... retailer busted... not that newegg would ever do
a thing like that .. no way .. )
naaaa .. PM Mason, he will guide you as to your options (USA) or point you in the
right direction.
[[you dont say where you are from and the forum thing isnt playing along.]]
best of luck.
Welcome to ROG.c.