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Crosshair V GENE: Let's make it a reality!

Level 10
Hello everyone on the ROG Forums! In a follow up to "The next GENE and Formula?!" thread, and my post within, I am starting this thread to draw more awareness to our interest in having a Crosshair GENE motherboard developed. Specifically a Crosshair V GENE, in the here and now. I am also starting the thread so that we will have one place to voice our interest, questions, and comments relating to the board as I have seen them strewn about the forum up until this point.

To start things off, I have taken some time to read through "The next GENE and Formula" thread to pick up on some of the suggestions already proposed in terms of features, and developed a proposed spec sheet, including some suggestions of my own. This sheet is based on the Crosshair V Formula spec sheet for accuracy and familiarity. If anyone has any suggestions for changes, please post them and we can look at adding them to this sheet! This sheet will be located in my second post below.

I will also add a poll so that we can keep a tally of how many users want this board to be made, making it easier for ASUS to see at a glance the level of interest in the potential product.

If we still do not have a Crosshair GENE by the time Crosshair VI series is released, we can continue our efforts for a GENE in that series!

EDIT: Show your support by adding this to your signature here and on other forums!
The Crosshair GENE will come! - Show your support HERE!
The Crosshair GENE will come! - Show your support HERE!

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[PHP]The Crosshair GENE will come! - Show your support HERE![/PHP]
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The Crosshair GENE will come! - Show your support HERE!

Level 18
and not likely. its on AMD now. Produce a hotboy that can compete andim sure ROG will looking forwart to the ROG crossbade ranger of the fm2 stepat a time i guess. .c.