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Crosshair V Formula Z with FX- 8350 giving me weird Q-Codes on startup/shutdown.

Level 7
Hi, this started happening last night. On Shutdown, My board would give me a 05 code and would not shutdown. Then on startup, it would give me a 10 code with CPU LED on and won't post unless i push reset button on board. My CPU is not overclocked, I did have it at 4.8GHz a month ago but decided my room was a heater in the summer so that's a bad mix. I will post stats down below. I have read one of the threads explaining to remove 1 component and then try to post CPU for each one. That will be my last resort due to my case being a Corsair Obsidian 900D (I'm not that strong :/) I'm not sure if my voltages are still high that is causing the CPU to act this way. I did the auto clock extreme with AI Suite 2 at the time and then took the overclock off in the bios 3 months later. Do Note that after I took the overclock off, it's been a month since the problem I have today started.

MOBO - Crosshair V Formula Z
CPU- FX-8350
RAM - 4x1 4GB ADATA 1600 MHz, 4x3 12GB GSkill Ripjaws X 1600Mhz
GPU - 2 GTX 550 TI's in SLI
COOLER - Corsair H110
PSU - Corsair CX750M
OS - Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Program to OC - AI Suite 2


It's not a good idea to mix ram, the first thing I would try is 2 sticks of the ripjaws x ram, preferably 2 that were bought as kit.

Give that a try and see if things are any better.