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Crosshair V Formula-Z watercooling questions

Level 7
My system:

Fx 8350 @ 4.8ghz
R9 290
16gb g-skill Ares 1600mhz cl9 ddr3.

This system is cca. 5 years old, but since I don't need anything better yet, I have recently decided that I want to make a complete overhaul with custom water cooling. It was a big pain to find a suitable waterblock for this mobo, but I've finally found a watercool heatkiller (which had to be modified to fit formula-z). Now the main problem that I have are mosfets on the back of the board. Those were previously passive cooled by two very thin metal backplates (2mm height). Those 2 backplates also served as a mounting mechanism for the front vrm heatsink.

I would otherwise just keep the same mounting mechanism if that would be possible, but unfortunately it is not. The watercool block only has 3 mounting holes (instead of default 4). If a want to re-attach the default backplates, one of the backplate standoffs gets in the way of watercool block, where there is no mounting hole.

So there is no way for me to re-attach those backplates. I also don't want to leave those back mosfets with no passive cooling, so I was thinking about just putting some very thin heatsinks on them. For illustration purposes, I have some Akasa gpu ram heatsinks, which are 4mm tall. Now If I attach them to back mosfets, they would be touching the back of the case on the upper mosfet part. I'm afraid that could short something out or be bad in general.

Also I've read that those Akasa are not universal heatsinks, they should only be suitable for gpu ram. I have the dimensions needed for those 2 mosfet strips, I just need to find a suitable very low profile universal heatsinks with double sided thin thermal pads, so I can just glue them on. Matter of fact, the longer mosfet part is located within the case cutout, so only the upper part is problematic. I could very well install a larger sized heatsink on that lower mosfet part.

Should those heatsinks not be touching the back of the case (metal on metal)?

Where should I get the suitable mosfet heatsinks?

The photos are provided in attachments.

Thank you!

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