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Crosshair V Formula-z Raid 5 issue

Level 7
Well, I'll start off by saying I'm sure I did something wrong, but here goes.

I have a crosshair v formula-z mobo, have all sata ports set as raid, have 5 new wd drives.

I can set up the array without issue, the ASUS tool says it's functional, can create the drive in Windows, etc.

Then, seemingly random, upon start up the ASUS raid tool says the status is critical, and says one of the drives is either missing or not responding. Failed drive I thought.

When I boot into windows, I see the raid "drive", all 11TB worth. I also see one of the WD drives, separate.

I can even go as far as to extend the raid drive to encompass this "missing" drive. Making the raid drive 13tb. Meaning that drive is counted twice. Once as part of the raid array, and then when I "add" it through Windows.

If this all sounds confusing, I'm a bit happy, because I have no clue why it would behave this way.

I've set up the exact same thing for a friend on an intel board and had zero issues.

This is my first experience with an ASUS ROG board, and its kinda leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Totally impressed with everything else, but having this raid array was a huge reason for getting a new computer in the first place.

If I've left out any important details, or further explanation is needed for anything, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm thoroughly confused by this and am looking for any help whatsoever.

Thank you in advance for reading this, and any hints, tips, or advice you may provide.

Level 7
Hi Jonnay,

I had the same issue but with SSD drives. I tried RAID0, RAID1, & RAID5, all with the same random critical status message. Sometimes, immediately after restoring a drive. I also had the same issue on my previous Asus board (M3A79T-Deluxe). It's been a few months since I gave up and just run my OS from a single SSD the time, I read that there were some compatibility issues with certain hard drive controllers and the RAID controller used on this board. Sorry I don't have anything more specific to point you to read.

I AM currently running 2 WD 2TB Red drives for storage, RAID1 through Windows, on this same board Not one hiccup from my single SSD or my RAID1 since inception several months ago.

Good Luck Jonnay

Level 10
Greetings and welcome the ASUS ROG Forum!

I am sorry but I don't any experience with the AMD RAID BIOS but most RAID Utility Software has the ability to display the serial numbers of the hard disks. What I would do is use the serial number and locate the physical drive and pull it from the system. I would test that drive in another system and install a SMART monitor utility (Acronis makes a free one that is very good). Use the SMART utility to check the "health" of the drive which should be 100% for a new drive.

I have had mixed results using RAID monitoring software over the years-you really need to access the RAID BIOS to see what the status is of the drive.

I'm currious if you setup a "hot spare" and maybe that is the reason Windows thinks that there is a spare drive? The only way the Windows will see a drive is that drive is NOT in the array/volume.

Also it dosen't take much to move the power connector on a SATA-based storage device either...make sure to check your power/data cables too.

For trouble-shooting tips see my blog at:


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Level 7
I would check the cables. Not specific to raid but i already had problems with sata cables producing errors.

Maybe if you can identify the drives, you can check by swapping two of them if its drive or connector/controller related.