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Crosshair V Formula Z - HDDs Both Register as P0 SATA in BIOS - Cannot Boot Normal

Level 7

I will do my best to describe what is going on with my hard drives. I have 5 hard drives. Everything booted up fine a moment ago. But, now, two of my hard drives are registering on the same SATA channel - P0 - in BIOS and I am unable to fully boot because my boot depends on HDDA.

For example HDDA in Boot Options will have the prefix #P0 while HDDB will also have prefix #P0.

I tried switching SATA ports, but the hard drives still register under the same "P" which is P zero. My SSD is P1 and my other HDDs are P5 and P4 etc.

I need to do more troubleshooting such as using other cables, or maybe not leaving 1 out of 8 SATA cables unplugged? Would this cause the discrepancy? I have all 8 SATA ports plugged, but only 6 disk devices plugged in ... maybe this is the problem.

The only way I can boot is if I disconnect HDDB.

Any insight or explanations would be appreciated. Thanks!