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Crosshair V Formula Z FF CODE??

Level 7
Hi im going to keep this breif, i recently purchased a V Formula z board & it died intsantly taking out cpu & ram.... it displayed FF before it died.. now i have a new board, i have connected all up but have not put a cpu or ram near it for fear of the thing going pfft again, the board stays lit up & no hot i rog chips ect, but it displays FF when turned on is this normal? please advise i realy dont want to risk it again, i have a rma on it but thought i would ask here first if the FF is normal with only the power cables attached to it.

Many thanks in advanced

p.s i am not a rookie on computers 🙂

enjoy your day
AMD POWER - NZXT 810, Corsair CX750M, ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z, AMD Piledriver 8350, 16GB Crucial Ballastix's Tatical Tracer, ASUS HD7950 DC V2, NZXT Kraken X60... more to come alot more

Level 15
Welcome to the Republic of Gamers forum, TheUnderdog!

That's a completely normal behaviour. There is no CPU present thus you're getting the FF QCODE.

Level 40
Put the CPU in the board.
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