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Crosshair V Formula-Z 9590 FX freezing/crashes

Level 7
After hours of reading people's threads with similar titles to mine, with dozens of solutions proposed, I have decided to create my own thread here in hopes that someone can help me with this very frustrating issue. I built the system near the end of 2014.

2 monitor setup
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
Motherboard: Crosshair V Formula-Z
CPU: FX 9590
Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX
Memory: G.Skill Trident X (2x 8GB @ 2400)
Graphics Card; ASUS GTX 780 OC DCU2
PSU: Enermax Revolution 85+ 920W (80Plus Silver Rating)


I have my CPU cooler's radiator mounted to the top of my case. All of the fans are blowing the air out of the case, except for the rear mounted 120mm fan which is acting as an air intake to cool the VRAMs. I often see my CPU at 65c or above when idle.

Extreme Tweaker: Auto
Multiplier: 23.5
CPU Voltage: 1.5
NB Voltage: 1.125

Turbo Core: Disabled
Fast Boot: Disabled
ECC: Disabled
CPU Q-Fan Control: Disabled

I tried taking screenshots of my BIOS settings but it said there wasn't room on the USB when I have 7gb free.

I have noticed recently that one of the fans on my graphics card seems to stop and start on a cycle. When running the system at Idle and with fans at the stock speed, I'm seeing GPU temps over 55c. When I run the fans at 100%, I'm seeing GPU temps below 45c.

I'm thinking that replacing the troublesome fan might be the solution., but I'm curious as to whether I should maybe overclock the voltage so that the fan spins at a constant speed.

Sometimes the system will lock up after getting temperature warnings for my processor (even when idle) so I think this might be a cpu issue, despite the gpu issue as well.

Level 7
Did u get your problem fixed? I have this board and processor too, but not running as hot as yours...let me know and I will show u my settings...

Same cpu and motherboard, here!
I got a complete freeze playing GTA V that makes me manually reset the machine each time it happens.
No others troubles.
So I started inspetting hardware, imo I can surely avoid temperature problems (35°C idle cpu - 50-53 on load; 30°C idle gpu - 45-50 on load).
At this point I tought it could be a power supply power and I verified cable connections. I completely forgot to plug the 4pin 12v atx power supply, maybe because I was sure the 8pin would have been sufficient. I had to buy a molex to 4pin adapter because of my psu.
After installing this adapter I experienced a visible improvement: before this i cannot play for more than 10 minutes, after this i reached almost 2 hours but problem is still here.

I found an useful link about power cables and connectors (click me) and I started calculate.

In my opinion, this cpu needs a huge psu in order to satisfy its 220w tdp and other components, at least 1000w psu. My actual psu is a 750w corsair.

atx 24 pin - 79.2w (+3.3V) + 150w (+5v) + 144w (+12v)
atx 4 pin EPS 12v - 192w
atx 8 pin EPS 12v - 336w
8 pin pci express 150w
total - 1051.2w (hypotetical full load)

my configuration is:
Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z
AMD FX 9590
GTX 970 4GB
Corsair cx750w
2 ssd
cpu cooler (zalman CNPS7x led 92mm fan)
chassis cooler (120mm fan)
usb g11 keyboard and mx mouse
DVD+R external unit (usually unplugged)

It would be nice to try a 1000w psu before spending money only on a hypotesys... so what do you think?