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Crosshair V Formula - No sound

Level 7
Hi all,

Copied from General thread as was unsure of sections, apologies!

I recently built an updated gaming machine for a client with the new Maximus VI Hero board which was epic.

Anyways, I took in the old hardware of the machine I had previously built for them back in 2011. This included a Crosshair V Formula board with a 1100T 6 core. The plan was to put it all into the test bench to verify it was still all working OK to see what could be done with it.

So, build it all up as usual, and threw in a GTX760 MSI edition for good measure. Everything booted fine, installed a fresh version of Windows 7 x64 as usual and all was well. Until I noticed I had no audio.

So here is the situation:

I cannot get audio through any of the analogue ports on the back of the board.
No audio through HDMI plugged into the GTX760.
No audio through optical cable plugged into the back of the board.

I can however get sound by plugging headphones into the port on the front of the case (not tried rear).

I've tried all the settings in the BIOS, and tried all the different devices in Windows. It does seem to recognize the devices as they are plugged in which is hopefully a good sign. The realtek audio manager detects when I plug different devices in also.

I've tried varying Realtek drivers, along with the basic Windows ones. I've also swapped out the GTX760 for another older ATI card just incase.

Hopefully one of you can help, it's driving me mad just out of pure curiosity more than anything!


Crosshair V Formula
1100T (no OC at all at the moment)
Windows 7 x64
Kingston SSD (BIOS in AHCI)

Thanks in advanced!

Level 40
The HDMI audio is via the nVidea drivers and has very little to do with the motherboard itself.

I assume that you have done a clear CMOS and not made any changes in the BIOS.

My suggestion is to use the driver that came with the motherboard to test out after a clear cmos to factory defaults.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.