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Crosshair V Formula Intel Boot Agent GE V. PXE-E05 has not started help

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Sent : 5/28/2012 7:18:54 PM
To : ""
Subject : RE: Motherboard Crosshair V Formula


Just checking to see if you need anything else since my board has been in repair
for 7 business days and 4 weekend days... Do I need to do something else?


[Product Information]
*Product Type : Motherboard
*Product Model : Crosshair V Formula
Purchase Date : 2012/4/14
Case Number :

[ Brief Description]
on boot up i get Intel Boot Agent GE V. PXE-E05 has not started. LAN NVM
configuration corrupted or has not been initialized. The BOOT Agent cannot continue
Asus tech replied:

Currently they have marked it as physically damaged and they are checking stock before offering you the repair fee. Usually there is a repair fee of around $120. If you are not interesting in paying a repair fee then I can go ahead and tell them to reject it and return it to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Krisenda A.
ASUS Product Support


I then got a little pissed and sent them an email saying:

No repair fees it was working just fine when I sent it in, other then the problem I reported to you, I am not paying, I have read many reviews that you RMA service does this often, I will go the the Better Business Bureau if my board is not fixed and returned in working order. It was being reported on your RMA site that the board was in repair for 7 business days and two weekends, I have copies of the web site each day I checked it. There was no report of it being marked as damaged If you had the board for 11 days and finally marked it as damaged it must have been on your end not mine.
Asus replied:

**Please do not respond to this email. For any inquiries, please contact ASUS Product Support at or 812-282-2787**

Dear Mr. ________,

Your RMA has been received; however there is a delay in processing as your unit was received with (missing/damaged components), which is not covered under the ASUS manufacturer warranty. Due to the severity of the physical damage your unit is not repairable and needs to be replaced. For your reference, please review the attached pictures. For more information in regards to types of damage not covered under ASUS manufacturer warranty, please visit,, and/or refer to your User Manual. If you would like to continue with the RMA process for your ASUS product, please return the completed and signed credit card form by one of the following methods:

Fax: 510-797-2102

Email: (for payment only) (PDF/JPG formats accepted only)

Payment will need to be received no later than (5/1/12

) to prevent your RMA from being returned unrepaired on (5/4/12). The repair process will take approximately 5-10 business days for repairs to be completed once payment has been approved.

Cost of Replacement(all amounts are USD) –

enter amounts on credit card form PRIOR to printing the form:

Parts - $168.00

Shipping – please select

one shipping method only on credit card form

Sales Tax** – please select

one option only on credit card form

**Only if you reside in California or Canada will sales tax be charged. If you are outside California or Canada, please select "none".

All credit card forms must be received with a physical signature for credit card payment processing. If sending via email, you will need to complete the form, sign, and scan as a PDF/JPG format.

Thank you,
ASUS Product Support Team


The board worked before I sent it in and they want me to pay for repairs after they have had the board for 11+ days WTF!!!
Everyone that has the ASUS Crosshair V Formula/Thunderbolt version needs to check the main boards Lan Card its a defect

After many days of calling the Techs and emailing everyone 🙂 a tech called me and said they were going to replace my board:)

added my sig for when it was working

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The board worked good when I sent it in just not the network interface controller

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What is the wholesale price for a crosshair formula V board?
newegg has retail for 220$

Should I have to pay 168$ for repaired board? on top of the 220 I already paid?

So if i pay 168 again will i get a used board? I thought i read they dont replace boards with new ones....

in an email they sent it says
Replacement units may be refurbished and/or remanufactured units and any replacement will inherit the warranty of your original product. A replacement does not extend or alter your original manufacturer warranty.

Newegg has them instock again!!! only 153.99
they had an opened box for 153$ that less then what they going to charge me

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Duplicate post deleted me

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i put it all in the first post


Looks like they tried to fix it or pull the chip .
It was running good did alot of bench testing I should have just kept my network card in it and not sent it in
I filled a complaint with the Better Business Bureau i will post updates here

one of the tech said this looks like a transistor does anyone know ? is this the Lan chip?

I found this pic on the web this is not mine I did not make the red box

this is older version of the crosshair boards (i think) I made the red box around the chip on this one that looks like the one I am missing... Note the Intel Ethernet label in approximately the same location


if it was this chip that was not working could it have caused the boot error?
(Intel Boot Agent GE V. PXE-E05 has not started. LAN NVM
configuration corrupted or has not been initialized. The BOOT Agent cannot continue)

If I caused the damage to the board I would not have tried to fix it or install fixes or install the new bios

the emails were sent over a week+ i will post dates later they are all stored in my email.

First email

on boot up i get Intel Boot Agent GE V. PXE-E05 has not started. LAN NVM
configuration corrupted or has not been initialized. The BOOT Agent cannot continue
I tried to install a pci wifi card and it would not read the card as well although it had
power. I flashed to new Bios... clean install (twice)....

2nd email to tech

the PCI slot is working but i am still getting
on boot up i get Intel Boot Agent GE V. PXE-E05 has not started. LAN NVM
configuration corrupted or has not been initialized. The BOOT Agent cannot continue
I tried a fix that Raja@asus posted on Rog site but I cant seem to flash the mac address right is there another program?

the fix was:
This is a utility that you can use to flash the Mac address you will need to use it under DOS.
If you re getting code 10 then RMA is the mostly likely outcome. But try the utility first.