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crosshair v formula crossfire question

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Ok I recently purchased a crosshair v formula and im looking to buy my graphics card next. Id like the eah6970 dcii. Does the CVF support these in crossfire?

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You can, but you will end up blocking all other expansion slots except your PCI legacy slot, and you will block your onboard pwr reset, etc buttons on the bottom as well. You might also have some trouble with the USB and FP audio headers down there too.
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Yes, you will want to wire the board before you install those bad boys..
I cross fired 6850's on a V and you can forget about ever seeing those little buttons again.
This is something that the Crosshair IV Extreme has over the V, its a giant board
that you can get to everything..
Always wondered why that darn ram had to be so close to the cpu..

Good Luck.c.

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Thank you very much for the posts guys. But do I really need access to those buttons. I still haven't bought the video cards i could still change my mind. Kinda wish I would have bought the CIVE instead. 😞

You block everything on the bottom of the board.

Here is what you will block.
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