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Crosshair V Fomula Z with AMD 9590 won't boot

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I have seen this question partially asked in some threads and I never really could see an answer.

I have a BRAND NEW Crosshair V mobo with an AMD9590, 16g of Corsair Vengeance ram, Corsair 850w PS and a Geforce GTX 660ti video card (I bought the video card last summer and have been using it in my old gaming rig no problem). Well I get everything in and put it all together and hit the button and nothing. No sounds, no fans - notta. The mobo is getting power bc the lights are on such as power and reset button, and there is a line in the board that is lit up red. I called support and did all they wanted me to which was exactly the same as I did (take out all but one stick of ram and put it furthest away from cpu), reseat the video card, hit the start and reset buttons, and take out the CMOS chip and wait 5 seconds and put it back still nothing. They gave me a reference number and told me to send the board back.

Well my question, I guess, would be is the mobo really DOA or could it be the BIOS is not up to date for the 9590 chip? Checked the last 4 digits on the board and it show 1801 for the current BIOS. I have seen that a lot while doing research and that I could update the BIOS thru the Rog connect. Idk I'm at my wits end and very upset to say the least. Any help would be appreciated.

Level 12
You say it won't "boot," but do you mean you get no response from the power switch? Or, can you not get past the RAM test? Or, will your operating system not load (boot)? Do you have all of the appropriate sockets on the motherboard powered?

If there is simply no response from the power switch, I would stop reading now, and RMA the board without another thought.

Are you able to get into BIOS setup? Are there any Q-Codes displayed on the LED display right next to the Power/Reset buttons?

If you are able to get into BIOS, hit "F5" and load optimized defaults. If you have another computer with a USB port and access to the internet, install Memtest86 onto a pen drive and run Memtest on the problem computer. (Instructions for Memtest are on the developer's website, as is the software download).


Level 10
set the system up out side the case with only one stick of ram and vid card on the mobo box and see if you can get into bios if you can add on item at a time start system and keep doing that tell you run into problem if you don't run into any problems then you could have a short in case.
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Greetings and welcome to the forum.

As suggested you should "bench test" this system outside the case. Do not attach any storage devices until you can access the BIOS during the POST. Only have one memory module installed too.

A few questions as you are using a FX-9590:
1) did you observe ESD precautions; ESD (aka static electricity) is responsible for a number of RMA's
2) you need to have all three of the following power connectors populated:
- Aux 4-Pin CPU Power
- Aux 8-Pin CPU Power
-EZPLUG (Molex connector) near the PCIe Slots
3) press the clear BIOS button in the back
4) can you verify that the PSU is working on another system?

I believe that the 1801 BIOS supports your CPU.

It very could be the board or less likely the CPU at this point (my money is on the board though)

Keep us posted on your progress and it would be good to hear what the problem was once you get your system up and going!

For trouble-shooting tips see my blog at:


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