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Crosshair IV Formula & HD7850 GPU

Level 7
I recently picked up a Powercolor HD7850 GPU, and cannot seem to get it working on my Windows 7 system.

The box boots up to the Windows splash screen, then switches to the login screen, which is where the trouble starts. The screen is a flickering mix of artifacts of my login screen with a fully-functional text box for the password, but logging in leads to either a blank screen or screen of a single colour. I can hear the load-up process continuing, but can't get any visuals on it. I can boot into my Linux drive, albeit with less-than perfect graphics (banding and flickering colours), but nothing on Win7

I've tried various drivers old and new, uninstalling and reinstalling, begging, weeping, but nothing has worked.

BIOS in use is 3029.

Has anyone paired these two products successfully, or have any ideas on what the trouble could be?


Level 40
The trouble sounds like the graphic card is defective. Take it back to the store and get them to test it for you.

That card works fine on the Crosshair board I have used it many times.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.