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Crosshair Hero VI / H100i gtx overheating

Level 7
As soon as i turn pc on, it's getting really warm cpu temps of usually 60-70c+ on going into bios (sometimes as low as 55+ at first).
Also pc is regularly freezing or turning itself off at 75 or 80c. Sometimes on start-up bios says cpu temp error.

Pc was running fine a couple of months ago, no changes to hardware and not software as it's hot from straight to bios.

Room temp is only 18-20c

I'm using ryzen 7 1800 / Asus Crosshair Hero VI / H100i gtx.
The H100i gtx is plugged to aio_pump
the pump fans are plugged into cpu_fan and cpu_opt.

The qfan bios settings are CPU: PWM / standard and aio_pump control is currently disabled.

I blasted any dust out (hardly any with dust filters) with compressed air and replaced the mx4 thermal paste with Kryonaut, but absolutely no difference.

The pump seem to be working fine in corsair link, it shows speed changing if I switch between quiet and performance and I can't see any leaks etc.

I had been hoping it was just a thermal paste issue! Any ideas please?