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Crosshair Formula-Z 8350 OC temps?

Level 7
Alright, yesterday I was working on trying to get my OC a bit higher, and while I was running Realbench I noticed some odd temperatures. I was monitoring them using HWmonitor, and during the OC the MB CPU temp wasn't very high at all, around 54, but the packet (core temperature as I understand it) reached up to 72c before I cut the benchmark short. If I'm not mistaken the "safe" temperatures for this CPU are 65c on the socket and 61c on the core temp. Was HWmonitor giving me false readings, or are the safe temps higher? I have never gotten temps like this running a full system stress under AIDA64, however I didn't test this OC with it, so it may be different.

Level 7
Do I just have a high idle temp then? Or should I maybe see about a better thermal paste?

Level 40
65'C is what AMD list as the thermal cut out point but it can run a few degrees hotter before it will activate.
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Level 7
HWmonitor does not work reliably on that motherboard. I would be careful with trusting the readings on that program. I've seen situations where it was off by 5 to 20 degrees Celsius on my motherboard. Use the ASUS suite software to get a more accurate reading.