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Crosshair Formula VIII Code 02 Stuck

Level 7
Hello All,

First time on the forum because I have nowhere to ask about the issue;

Recently built a PC specs are;

Asus rog Crosshair Formula VIII
Ryzen 3900x
Aorus 2080ti Xtreme Edition
2x16gb Gskill tridentz 3600
Evga 1200 p2 supernova
Artic Freezer ii 240 cooler
Monitor - Pg27uq

Before purchasing this mobo I had computer running with Msi B450 gaming oc + Ryzen 5 3600 and everything was fine, I have wanted to replace my mobo and cpu.
At the begining everything was ok up and running but after updating bios to the newest version I started receiving some random errors.
Most common of them is Code 02 detect HDD.
I have 2x m.2 and 1 sata ssd running ,

So far I have tried to change all psu cables,
I have tried to Remove all SSDs
I have tried to get a display from DP and HDMI
I have changed HDMI cable
I have changed DP cable
I have tried to run computer with 1 stick of ram
I have flashed bios to every possible version
I have removed battery and cleared CMOS
I changed GPU slot
I have tried to remove all parts including including CPU, tried to flash bios with only CPU and MOBO cables from PSU and tried to put everyting together over again.

On the screen Asus logo appears and asks me to click F2 or Del in order to enter to bios
I click to F2 or Del and nothing happens its just stucked
Few times I have received black screen saying CPU fan error press F1 to enter to Bios, after F1 I have complete black screen but MOBO shows Code 09 and says I am in BIOS but I dont see it.
My GPU doesnt have DVI port to try to swtich from HDMI or DP to DVI.

Sometimes I get random CPU error sometimes it stucks at random B04 VGA bios error, and generally HDD 02 code.

Right now I tried to Flash bios to v0901 and I have error code 30 says test nvram.


If no solution I plan to RMA the mobo, I am very sorry that I had to pay $600 and have such issues.

Any possible help?

Level 12
You could use Msi B450 gaming oc to check that 3900x is not the source of the problem and that it is a motherboard issue.

Level 7
I dont really think a brand new 3900x will be the reason of the problem since computer was working normally until a bios update.