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Crossblade Ranger only half of RAM gets recognized in Win10x64

Level 7
AMD A10 7870K
Corsair Vengeance 4x8Gb memory DIMMs (straight off of ASUS' QVL) --- DDR3-2133


BIOS only recognizes half of the installed RAM.

MEM-OK checks (one DIMM at a time come back OK)

So, I have a MB with 32Gb of RAM, BIOS and Win10 claim 16Gb....

I installed 2 8Gb DIMMs (2133). I was able, via D.O.H.C. (picked Profile 1) to get the BIOS to recognize the full 16Gb of RAM, and it reports they are operating at 2133hz. Awesome.

Now the interesting part, to me.

If I install an additional 2 DIMMs, I cannot get Win10 to "see the RAM".

if I install the first TWO DIMMs as recommended in the manual, i.e. A2 and B2 slots, I only get 8Gb of RAM acknowledged. If I install the first two DIMMs in A1 and A2, I get the result I have now, 16gB @ 2133 with DOHC profile 1.

IF I install DIMMs 3 and 4 in the now remaining slots B1 and B2, no change, and they are not seen on the Main Page of BIOS.

HOWEVER, they ARE acknowledged on the Advanced Tweaker GPU.DIMM Post page. I.e. that page shows all four slots occupied by 8Gb of RAM for a total of 32Gb, but the main page will not acknowledge any more than the 16gB.

The good news: I have a stable system with 16gB of RAM @ 2133 via Main page of BIOS and Win10.

The unexplained news: Additional RAM is recognized as being in the slot via DIMM.Post, but NOT by Windows.

The bad news (lol): I am stumped as to where to go from here, or what is holding the second 16Gb "hostage".

Tried loosening HS on APU, repeated above exercises, all to no avail.

Any wisdom out there?

No cards, just AMD and memory on board. Never seen anything like this...

Level 7
well, this is about equivalent to what I get from ASUS tech support.... i.e. NOTHING

Level 10
Did you go into the RAM timings and set the timings correctly? Also with Dominator Platinums, you have to set the command rate to 2. If the command rate is set to 1 the computer will not boot at least with my 2x8 kit

Hi GrumpyAeroguy

Did you get all your 32 GB RAM to be seen by the operating system? - Do you think it's something to do with Windows 10? - I've got a Crossblade Ranger that may have 32 GB RAM on so I'm keen to know if you got this sorted out.