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CPU Temp w/Antec 920 cooler

Level 7
I have a question or a request if someone could possibly explain the temp readings of the mianboard and the readings from the CPU? My temps that the MB reads is 38 while the the cores are much lower 17 I don't understand how you get 38 when I have 8 cores running at 17. I've got a screen capture of HWMP so you can see what I'm confused about. Also are my temps within range for this setup:
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Thank you for your help

Level 9
First, let me welcome you to the forum !
I think you are questioning the difference between the CPU temp and the CPU Core temps?
The reason for the difference is because the CPU temp is being read from a thermistor that is mounted on the MB under the the CPU socket itself and the CPU Core temps are coming from a diode inside the CPU itself. The reason the Core temps are all the same is because all the core temps are coming from the same diode. The temps you need to be concerned with are the core temps, you want to keep those @ 55c or less.
I hope that I have answered your questions adequately?
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it's possible that there being miss read with core 8 having a value of 26.5..
try uninstalling then reinstalling hw ..
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running on Water it does really keep your temp down a lot even at full power (4.0+Ghz) it easily stays around 37c to 41c (from the outside, that means inside core Temp are even lower)

I'm using a Corsair H80
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OP: Rune Prime95 with 8 threads and see how high it gets, idle temps are useless for the reasons below.

AllGamer wrote:
(from the outside, that means inside core Temp are even lower)

I'm using a Corsair H80

Not at all. The Cores can be cooking at 80c with a CPU temp reading of 60c. Not all heat is transmitted out, in fact just about the only time the Core temp wil read under the CPU temp, is at idle with power saving features turned on. It is not however possible, and it is only due to inaccuracy of the Core temp diodes at idle. The cooler they get the more inaccurate they are.

Ignore CPU temps, Pay attention to CORE temps on FX CPUs.

Level 40
That is very good advice by CLaviger - the Core temps are the key indicators to watch.

Repped you CLaviger.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.