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CPU frequency question

Level 7
Hello, i have a i7 4790k and the maximus hero 7
Most of my bios setting are set to default, and i just use the 4.4 turbo mode.

But while monitoring my cpu activity with HWinfo64 or HWmonitor, i saw that sometime the frequency goes up to 4.48x instead of staying at 4.40x

In the bios i only changed
DRAM frequency ( DDR3-1600Mhz
DRAM voltage 1.5
and the timing 9-9-9-27

CPU core voltage adaptive -0.085

In the DIGI+ part i only changed :
CPU Load-Line Calibration : level 5 ( since i understood its better to set that at "medium" )
CPU VRM switching frequency : auto : default
VRM spread spectrum : enabled : default
CPU Power Phase control : Optimized : changed from auto
CPU Power Duty Control : Tprobe default
CPU current capability : Auto default
CPU Power thermal control :120 default
CPU Input Boot Voltage : Auto default
DRAM Current Capability : 100 default
DRAM switching Frequency : auto default
DRAM Power Phase Control : Auto default

Why its doing that ? even when i fix the "Core Ratio Limit" at 44 it doesnt change that frequency increase "way" over 4.4.
is there any other setting i should set into the External DIGI+ Power Control ?

thanks !

Hello wootwoots

You got it, set the core ratio limit to 44, that should stop it from going past 4.4GHz.

You set your ram manually and all looks good there. Load Line Calibration set to medium is a good setting too anything more than that and it will start overshooting the core voltage.

if you have the core voltage set to auto chances are your cpu is getting overvolted some. You can set the core voltage manually and give it just what it needs to be stable. You can try cpu core voltage at 1.20v and lower it .01v to 1.19v and test for stability. Keep lowering it .01v until it becomes unstable then bring it back up .01v. Use manual mode then once you find the lowest voltage you need, switch to adaptive mode.

What cpu cooler do you have? Have you tried overclocking your 4790k? It's begging you to overclock it if you have a good cpu cooler. 🙂

Nate152 wrote:
Load Line Calibration set to medium is a good setting too

I'm not going to OC my CPU, so why would I need this? I want CPU to be as cool and as silent as possible. I don't need any extra voltage.

Level 7
well, as i said, even if i set the core ratio limit to 44 it past 4.4 ( it can goes around 4.480 and more, but always less that 4.5 ) that's why i'am coming here to get some advise 🙂
I've set the CPU core voltage is in adaptive at - 0.082, after all thoses try you spoke about ( mistake, had to change it recently, at -0.085 got somes BSOD ^^ ), so at 4.4 i have max vcore at 1.58
Even if after my try for that there is some month ago i observed that the adpative need a higher max vcore than manual ( in manual all run fine at 1.15.. ^^ )

And since i observed that past 4.4 i suspect the vcore at -0.085 wasnt enough for that strange boost ( just a supposition tho )

I have the Dark Rock 3 as cooler, but not sure my CPU is that good to OC. I mean, in most game - app it never go over 60°c.
But with game like Crysis3 as exemple, that heavyly use the CPU it can go to 70-75°c ( that a remind from some month ago tho ), so not that sure it can be nice to OC
Maybe i would need to re do some stress test didnt did since somes weeks.

vcore of 1.58v for 4.4Ghz is too high, 1.15v at 4.4GHz is more like it and as a starting point looks like you have a good cpu.

Try with adaptive voltage of 1.15v offset of +.001v and see how it goes, play crysis 3 and see if temps are any lower.

Level 7
What ? in adaptive you dont "fix" the max vcore 😮
In the bios its like that :
CPU Core Voltage : Adaptive Mode
Offset Sign : -
CPU Core Voltage Offset : 0.082
Additional Turbo Mod CPU Core Voltage : 0.016 ( or auto, never see a difference tho )

there is somes explanation here, even if all isnt that clear for me

With that, my vcore is :
Idle : 0.637
Charge 4.4 : 1.39
Max : 1.58 ( its sometime some "peak", observed that while recording log activity with HWinfo64 )

So from my quite numerous test , i can go less than -0.082 otherwise i get some BSOD

When I say enter 1.15v in adaptive voltage I meant enter that in the Additional Turbo Mode cpu core voltage then use offset of +.001v.

Give this a try and see if your temps are any lower with crysis 3.

You have a good cpu cooler and you should be getting great temps with 1.15v. You can also run it in manual mode with 1.15v. I run my cpu in manual mode with 1.465v.

Level 7
Omg, just noticed i wrote stupid thing about my vcore... -_-" let me correct
With that, my vcore is :
Idle : 0.637
Charge 4.4 : 1.139
Max : 1.158

so in manual from my test there is somes month ago i can set like 1.105 or 1.11 dont really remember tho

Well, but no, the adaptive mode do not work like that 🙂
the CPU Core Voltage Offset change the min & max vcore and the Additional Turbo Mod CPU Core Voltage is for the "turbo"
like here
the "CPU core voltage" curve is fixed, sure its a pic from Ai suite3, but it explain how it is ^^
If i set a CPU Core Voltage Offset of +0.001 it mean its the Asus setting + 0.001, mean i have a vcore at 1.221 😛 and certainly 1.24x in boost

Thank you

It might be best to run it in manual mode then. I've seen some other members saying adaptive mode draws more voltage than what you set when the cpu is under load.

Level 7
but isnt that better to have a variable vcore depending of the cpu usage ?
That's why in the first place i use the adaptive. But yeah, even if i set 1.11 in manual, its 0.048 more vcore in "full load"

But still, it doesnt solve my issue with the frequency going above 4.4 ( and i've set the ratio limit at 44 in the bios ) i saw it going up to 4.5 there is some hours ago... I really dont get it.

Do i miss something ?