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CPU Fan Speed Error on B450-F Gaming Board

Level 7
Hey all,

I have seen this as a recurring issue with some other posters but I for some reason cannot get mine figured out. Everytime I boot my PC, it gets held up at the "CPU fan speed error, press F1 to run setup" screen. I have a Corsair H100i cpu cooler on my ryzen 5 2600 and have made sure I am connected to the proper CPU fan slot(there is not one labeled CPU header, but just CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT. When I load into the setup, which is the bios, I am not able to disable or adjust the fan speed limit for my cooler as it's not being detected by the system. Am I missing something or is it just using the third party cooler that is throwing the error? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I didn't realize you could right click to ignore the CPU Fan Speed... So I solved my own issue...