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CPU Fan Error on R4BE Boot Screen

Level 7
I installed 3 new fans, 2 WPM fans for a Corsair H110 CPU radiator and the other a case fan for exhaust im not sure which is causing the message "CPU fan error! Press F1 to run setup" (maybe the H110 pump on the CPU header?) I get it when I boot the PC at any time and I press F1 to end up in the BIOS where I just exit the BIOS without saving to start Windows, Im using a Rampage 4 black edition motherboard and Noctua fans, I installed the PWM fans on a 4 pin header and the case fan is also on a 4 pin header too is this a BIOS setting not set correctly?

Level 14
First the header your pump is on should be set to disabled in the bios so the pump runs at 100% all the time, secondly you can see what the minimum speed the fans are running in the bios and the speed that the alarm triggers needs to be less than the minimum the fan runs at