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Confused about drivers. Which are best for my particular build?

Level 7
Hey guys,
It's quite a mess this driver thing for the uninitiated in tech things too much. Also the lack of proper changelogs and the fact if I need a particular driver or not is kind of crazy. Here's my build:
3930k, overclocked, 4,6
Rampage IV Extreme (1101)
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
OCZ Vertex 4 128/256g two separate SSDs not in RAID.
WD Caviar Black on SATA 3.
If you need any more info please let me know. Thing I'll ask is, which chipset, internet, inf (if it's not already bundled with chipset), and RST (or RSTe), and Management Engine Interface drivers(if I need them) I should be using optimally? There is ASUS' support site and there's also Intel's driver section and Intel's section seems to be more up to date but the fact that it isn't showing up on ASUS' site is kind of confusing the hell out of me. If you can also provide the links to which ones I will need I'll be extremely grateful. Also, how can I update the intel drivers? When I try to install a supposedly new version, installer doesn't do anything and shows me the finished screen.

Thank you Bolts. Even though I had to reformat the PC twice for IRST, boot up time was worth it.(Shockingly twice as fast) I had about 100 points gained in AS SSD on each of my SSDs. I had IRST enterprise, I didn't know those two hated each other. When I removed IRSTe and installed IRST, wham, no boot, had to reformat, no system backups either. Anyway, after formatting, I've cleanly installed IRST. After that I tried installing a virtual disk program called Magic Disk and again, wham, no boot. Guess those two don't like each other either. Is there a virtual disk software that works with IRST? Also, Intel MEI seems to have changed a little last time I installed. It now executes LSM.exe by the name of Local Management Service. I don't know what that does but yeah it wasn't there in an early build, just a heads up, if you know what it does, let me know. Only sad thing was the games were gone now, lol. Someone should keep the list up to date for the future though, I think. One single link to update all drivers is veery useful for the confused tbh. 😄

Level 12
Ciao Arne,

excuse the delay in my response but I was not home.
I am happy that your kit 2133, can run @ 2400 with the timings not different from mine, but I've shot a maximum @ 2204 with my DGT 2133, but you give me a hope!
I have never used primary timing-9-11-11-24-1T, but 9-11-10-27-1T and your secondary -4-96-9-4-16-4-8,
but 4 - 96-9-4-24-4-8, while the tertiaries are identical. I will try as soon as possible and let you know the results.

sandro c.