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Config Options for Formula with 2 gtx 780's and RAIDR card.

Level 7
I have a dilema, I have recently finished building a Maximus VI Formula based rig after which I impulse purchased a RAIDR SSD card and am now faced with a configuration issue.

I have 2 780gtx cards in the PCIE3 x16 slots along with the recently purchased RAIDR in the 3rd.

frustratingly the RAIDR is a x2 card and the other available slots on the formula are PCIE2 x1.

having the RAIDR in the 3rd red PCIE3 x 16 slot reduces the bandwidth available to the 2nd 780GTX card to only x4 which does not allow me to run the GTX cards in SLI, I have configured the 2nd card to be dedicated to PHYSX but It is underutilized. The rig still performs well but I know it could have been better if I had picked a board with either more bandwidth of a better configuration.

What I am contemplating is to move the RAIDR card to a x1 PCIE2 slot which would limit the bandwidth to the SSD but allow the GTX cards to work together. However, I do then wonder at the performance advantage gained of having the RAIDR at all as the idea was for it to be a hybrid drive in front of my RAID drives which on there own perform well.

First question, Would the RAIDR fit in a x1 slot?

2nd question is, what would you recommend / try?

If I had paid a bit more attention to the spec sheets when before making my impulse purchases I would have avoided the need to make compromises now..

On a side note, I have also heard mention of a gen3 setting in the bios with regards to lane speed. What is gen3? come to mention is what is gen2?

Level 7
I have just found this document that states quite clearly the RAIDR Will disable SLI on the Maximus VI as the bandwidth is reduces from 2x8 to 1x8 2x4 with SLI requiring x8.
This information should really be made available on the product page as the spec can easily be overlooked.

Ho hum, rather than loss SLI it looks like I'll be jamming it in to a 1x slot and living with degraded SSD performance.
Will have to run some tests to see if it adds any value to being a hybrid drive.

Just can't understand why they decided to add less flexibility to the Formula VI as the RAIDR Works fine with SLI on the Formula V mobo.